Gossamer Labs

Our team is exploring:

When we open ourselves to inspiration from
the beauty and wonder of the natural world,
and cultivate creativity,
how can we care for care for ourselves, each other, and our planet together?

Have an idea to explore? Want to collaborate? Contact:

sjkariko at gmail dot com

spider with forcepts spider with microscope spider with hammer spider with paintbrush

Gossamer Labs is an integrated research lab and art studio
working at the junction of Science and Art. The common thread
in our research, program design, and creative collaborations
is the interconnectedness of species and systems.

We connect people and ideas
and create spaces for transformation.

Our team publishes research that contributes to
scientific understanding of biodiversity.
We create museum exhibits, large-scale public art installations,
and interactive learning experiences that partner
the broad reach and expressive capacity of the arts with the thrill
of science and discovery.

Our laboratory extends beyond museums,
hospitals, and schools
to wildflower-filled fields
and rocky mountains.

On Collaboration:

We gather unexpected teams, including:
orthopedic surgeons, pastry chefs, dancers, & spiders of all kinds.

Our collaborators include:
Harvard Museums of Science and Culture
Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments
Irish Musuem of Modern Art
Antelope Island State Park
Jackson Hole Public Art
Biodiversity Institute
National Museum of Wildlife Art
Ruckelshaus Institute
University of Wyoming Art Museum
UW-National Park Service Research Station
The Wild Festival
Wind River Cares Clinic